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Works in 2022

Orianthi [Live From HollyWood] DVD&Blu-ray Authoring
Powerwolf [The Monumental Mass] 
DVD&Blu-ray Authoring

ASIA [ASIA IN ASIA] Mix/CD & LP Mastering/DVD&Blu-ray Authoring

NIGHTWISH [Virtual Live Show From The Islanders Arms 2021] DVD&Blu-ray Authoring

INGRAM [The Ingram Kingdom] CD Mastering

DAWN PATROL [Bring On The Good Times] CD Mastering

WENDELL HARRISON & PHIL RANELIN [Message From The Tribe 1st Version] CD Mastering

THE LEWIS CONNECTION [The Lewis Connection] CD Mastering

ZACHARY CRAWFORD [Hello Stranger] CD Mastering

HOME BOY AND THE C.O.L. [ Home Boy And The C.O.L.] CD Mastering

HOME BOY AND THE C.O.L. [Out Break] CD Mastering

Marillion [An Hour Before It's Dark]  DVD&Blu-ray Authoring

DAWN PATROL [Bring On The Good Times] CD Mastering

INGRAM [The Ingram Kingdom] CD Mastering

Inglorious [Live At The Phoenix]  DVD&Blu-ray Authoring

Shinichiro Suzuki [Live at Shinjuku SACT] Rec

GIG [Wisdom And Madness] CD Mastering

GIG [Brave New World] CD Mastering

GARNiDELiA [Live at Nakano Sunplaza] Streaming Rec/Mix

[BEMANI SYMPHONY] Streaming Rec/Mix/Edit

Blackiris [Live at Harevutai] Rec

Blackiris [Head Shot] CM edit

ASA [Live at Harevutai] Rec/Edit

FIEH [In The Sun In The Rain] CD Mastering

Letting Up Despite Great Faults [IV] CD Mastering

​BSフジ [伊藤政則のロックTV] Rec/Edit/MA

Works in 2021


Alan Persons [One Note Symphony live in Tel Aviv] DVD&Blu-ray Authoring

At The Movies [At The Movies] DVD Authoring

Alice In Menswear  [Live at SinYokohama Strage] Live Streaming/Rec

BRIEF ENCOUNTER [We Want To Play] CD Mastering

The Bobby Hamilton Quintet Unlimited [Dream Queen] CD Mastering

J Western [Just People / Midnight Thoughts] CD Mastering


Shinichiro Suzuki [Burn It!]  CD Album Rec Mix Mastering

Alice In Menswear [Live at Akabane ReNY] Live Streaming/Rec

Arlequin [Ebisu Liquid Room] LIve Rec

Arlequin [Zepp Haneda] LIve Rec

GARNiDELiA [春が来たよ] MV Edit

Non Stop Rabbit [Trinity} DVD Authoring/TV-Cm Spot Edit

Sarah Brightman [HYMN] 4K UHD Blu-ray Authoring

SABATON [The Great Show] DVD&Blu-ray Authoring

SABATON [20th Anniversary Show] DVD&Blu-ray Authoring

DEEP PURPLE [Turning To Crime] DVD&Blu-ray Authoring


ANTHEM [35+] CD/DVD/BD Rec/Edit/Mix/MA/DVD&Blu-ray Authoring

EPICA [Omega Alive] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring

Hammerfall [Renegade 2.0] DVD Authoring

EXODUS [Persona Non Grata] DVD Authoring

REALITY [Disco Party] CD Mastering

LARS DK [Alt springer ud] CD Mastering

BRIEF ENCOUNTER [Get Right Down - The Complete 70s Singles And More] CD Mastering

THE LEWIS CONNECTION [The Lewis Connection] CD Mastering

SPICE [Let There Be Spice] LP&CD Mastering

NATE SMITH [Kinfolk 2: See The Birds] CD Mastering

edbl [South London Sounds] CD Mastering

AUGUST RED [Sunshine Melodies] CD Mastering

Pared [Sumire] CD XFD MV
BLOOD feat. Shinichiro Suzuki [BLOOD RESILIENCE] CD Rec/Mix/Mastering

Alice In Menswear [2nd Live at ReNY] Rec&Live Streaming

Ronnie Atkins [4 More Shots] DVD Authoring

DORO [Triumph and Agony Live] CD Mastering/Blu-ray Authoring

岡村孝子 [T’s BEST] Blu-ray Authoring

Warfare [The Songbook Of Filth] 3CD Mastering


Kinkajous [Being Waves] CD Mastering

ERIC DUNBAR [Freeway] Analog&CD Mastering

LAURENCE ELDER [Walk Another Mile] CD Mastering

DOUG BRONS [Audio 1985] CD Mastering

STARVUE [Body Fusion /Put The BS Aside] Analog Mastering

Chien Chien Lu [The Path] CD Mastering

映画 [ツナガレラジオ] Edit/Blu-ray&DVD Authoring


PRINCE [Sign of the Times] 4K UHD Blu-ray&Blu-ray&DVD Authoring

MARiA [Live 2021 うたものがたり] at 豊洲pit Rec/Mix


ANTHEM [35th ANNIVERSARY TOUR] at 川崎 club citta Rec/Edit

Arlequin [Live at BLAZE] Rec

VULFPECK [Thrill Of The Arts] CD Masterring

SUPER DB [Ecoute Ca] CD Masterring

TERRY SAMPSON [E, Just E] CD Masterring

いわさききょうこ [かっぱが飛んだ空] CD Mastering

DESTRUCTION [Live Attack] Blu-ray Authoring

PARADISE LOST [Live At The Mill] Blu-ray Authoring

THE BEATLES [A Hard Days Night] 4K UHD Blu-ray&Blu-ray&DVD Authoring

BILL BROWN AND THE SOUL INJECTION [Dreamworld Fantasies/Rare Single Collection] CD Masterring 

V.A. [Summer Dream 2021 -Modern AOR Vibes-] CD Masterring 

CAMERA SOUL [Esagerato] CD Masterring 

浦井健治 [20th Anniversary Concert ~Piece~ 国際フォーラム] Rec/Edit/DVD Authoring

ANDREAS ALEMAN [It's The Journey] CD Masterring


Shinichiro Suzuki [STARSEED] Rec/Mix/CD Masterring

Shinichiro Suzuki [鋭角] Mix/CD Masterring

Boyish [We're all gonna die, but here's my contribution] CD Mastering


HIDEKI SAIJO [Second Birthday Live In Osaka 2005] Edit/Streaming

Alice In Menswear [Live at Akabane ReNY] Rec/Streaming

Yuma Hara [Candy] [Stay With Me] MVshoot/Edit

Non Stop Rabbit [三大欲求] DVD Edit/DVD Authoring/TV Spot Edit

ALESTORM [Live In Tilburg] DVD&Blu-ray Authoring

アニメ[Spring Pan] DVD Authoring

ENFORCER [Live By Fire II] 5.1 Surround Mix/DVD&Blu-ray Authoring

舞台「ッぱち!」EPK Rec/Edit/TV Spot Edit

The O'JAYS [Crossroads Of Life] LP Mastering

LAMB OF GOD [Live In Richmond] DVD Authoring
映画 [ツナガレラジオ] Making Edit/MV Edit/DVD Authoring/TV Spot Edit

DESTINIA [Tokyo Encounter] Edit/CDMastering/DVD&Blu-rayAuthoring

BODOM AFTER MIDNIGHT [Paint The Sky With Blood] DVD Authoring

オールナイトニッポンi [おしゃべや] Edit/DVD Authoring

THE ULTIMATES [You're My Lady] LP Mastering

THE TOPICS [Giving Up] LP Mastering

TURBULENCE [Frontal] CD Mastering

HORACE TAPSCOTT & MICHAEL SESSION [Live in Avignon, France 1989CD Mastering

CLIFFORD JORDAN [In The WorldCD Mastering

ROBERTA GENTILE [Bring It OnCD Mastering

Jouska [Everything Is GoodCD Mastering

MICHAEL STOSIC [Michael StosicLP Mastering

LES DEMERLE [SpectrumLP Mastering

​BSフジ [伊藤政則のロックTV] Rec/Edit/MA

Works in 2020

Alice Cooper [Detroit Stories] DVD Authoring

MIcheal Shenker Group [Imortal] Blu-ray Authoring

Ronnie Wood [Somebody Up There Likes me] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring

The Rolling Stones [Steel Wheels Live BOX] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring

Amahiru [Amahiru] DVD Authoring

Deep Purple [Whoosh!] DVD Authoring

Alcatrazz [Born Innocent] DVD edit & Authoring

Alcatrazz [Dirty Like The City] Music Video edit

Dee Snider [For The Love Of Metal] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring

Myrath [Live In Carthage] DVD Authoring

Shortino [Make A Wish] DVD Authoring

Audorey Horne [Waiting For The Night] Blu-ray Authoring

Tritypkon [Metropole Orkest] DVD Authoring

NATALIE SLADE [Control] CD Mastering

COVET [technicolor] CD Mastering

NO AGE [Goons Be Gone] CD Mastering

BLUEY [Tinted Sky] CD Mastering

THE DEVONNS [The Devonns] CD Mastering

ANTHEM [Live at 新横浜 NewSide Beach] Rec/

辛島美登里 [Christmas Live 品川教会] Rec/Streaming

Poidol [新宿Braze] Rec/Streaming

城南海 [紀尾井ホール] Rec/Edit/Mix/Mastering/DVD Authoring

Non Stop Rabbit [暴誕] DVD Edit/DVD Authoring

HIDEKI SAIJO with ANTHEM feat. Graham Bonnet [ナイト・ゲーム2020] CD Mix&Mastering

Blood [25Drive] CD Album Rec&Mix&Mastering

ハチサマ4 [福生市民会館]  Rec&Mix/Streaming

ROOS JONKER & DEAN TIPPET [Roos Jonker & Dean Tippet] CD Mastering

GEOFF BASTOW [The AV Conception VOLUME 1] CD Mastering


Pretty Maids [Maid In Japan] Rec/Blu-ray&DVD Authoring

JOHNNY BURGIN [No Border Blues Japan] CD Mastering

HALATION [The moonlit landscape] CD Album Mix/Mastering

JIMMY JOHNSON [Every Day Of Your Life] CD Mastering
Testament [Titans Of Creation] Live In Japan CD Rec/Mix/Mastering

Alice In Menswear [蜜月茶会Live] VJ

YOUNG GUN SILVER FOX [Canyons] CD Mastering

JACKIE LYNN [Jacqueline] CD Mastering

Suzuki Mikiko's [外がうるさい] CD Mastering

DJ NIGGA FOX [Cartas Na Manga] CD Mastering

V.A. [JAZZY TO LO-FI HIPHOP ~Chill Beat Collection] CD Mastering

ANTHEM [35th Anniversary Prologue 1] Rec

Shinichiro Suzuki [no luxury one man 2019] CD Rec/Mix/Mastering

Ange Reve [Dear Dream] MV/Making 映像制作

FORQ [Four] CD Mastering

ペンタゴン LAST ONEMAN Live in 赤坂Blitz Rec

ましのみ [つらなってODORIVA] DVD Edit

THE SELENITES BAND [Ethio Jazz Groove Project] CD Mastering

V.A. [GOOD DAY JAZZ -cafe royal side-] CD Mastering

V.A. [GOOD DAY JAZZ  -cappuccino side-] CD Mastering

Philip H Anselmo [恵比寿リキッドルーム] Rec

Majestica / Ayasa [渋谷ストリームホール] 2days Rec

THE SELENITES BAND [Ethio Jazz Groove Project] CD Mastering

Ange Reve [Ange Reve] Blu-ray Authoring

Kreator [London Apocalypticon] Blu-ray Authoring



OCTAVEPUSSY [Straight From #1 Bimini Road] CD Mastering

THE OLDIANS [Roots 'N' Soul] CD Mastering

キュウソネコカミ [兵庫県立芸術文化センター大ホール] Rec/Live Streaming

メギド72 [ヒューリック東京] Rec

​BSフジ [伊藤政則のロックTV] Rec/Edit/MA



Works in 2019

Sepultura [Quadra] Live In Japan 2CD Rec/Mix/Mastering

Opeth [Zepp Tokyo] Rec/Edit

Nightwish [Decades] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring

RAGE [From The Cradle To The Stage] DVD Authoring

ANTHEM [GYpsy Ways & Hunting Time 30th Anniversary]

     Rec/Video Edit/Mix/CD Mastering/Blu-ray&DVD Authoring

KADAVER [For The Dead Travel Fast] Blu-ray Authoring

石橋凌 [Debut 40th Anniversary Tour] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring

CAMERA SOUL [Existence] CD Mastering

STEVIE HOANG [Secrets] CD Mastering
LADY DONLI [Enjoy Your Life] CD Mastering

LADY FREQUENCY [Hardcore Gentleness] CD Mastering
ULTRAMARINE [Signals Into Space] CD Mastering
SLAYER [The Repentless Killogy] BD Authoring

Night Ranger [Live at 人見記念講堂] Rec/Video Edit

Sarah Brightman [HYMN LIVE] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring


LADY FREQUENCY [Hardcore Gentleness] CD Mastering

ERIKA DE CASIER [Essentials] CD Mastering

HELADO NEGRO [This Is How You Smile] CD Mastering
Hammerfall / Metal Souls / Beast In Black / Myrath [ZEPP DiverCity] Rec/Video Edit

LOUDNESS / Metal Souls / Beast In Black / Myrath [ZEPP DiverCity] Rec/Video Edit

SHEER MAG [Need to Feel Your Love] CD Mastering

SHEER MAG [Compilation (I, II, & III)] CD Mastering

SHEER MAG [A Distant Call] CD Mastering

キュウソネコカミ [大阪城野外音楽堂] Rec

ウルフルズ [Zepp Osaka Bayside] Rec

Queen [Live In Japan Summersonic] 劇場上映マスター作成

IMANI [Out Of The Blue] CD Mastering

Jungle Brown [Full Circle] CD Mastering

9m88 [Beyond Mediocrity] CD Mastering
Evil Indavers [Serge Of Insanity] DVD Authoring

KAINALU [Lotus Gate] CD Mastering

SHOW-YA / THE 冠 / AYASA / にゃんごすたー [渋谷クアトロ] Rec

Dragon Force [Extrime Power Metal] DVD Authoring

SLASH [Living The Dream Tour] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring

GINGER ROOT [Mahjong Room] CD Mastering

BODIKHUU [BODIANOVA ~Saudade do Rio] CD Mastering

DEGO [Too Much] CD Mastering


[City Soul:Ahead - Today's Soul, AOR & Blue Eyed Soul] CD Mastering

ブリーフ&トランクス [赤坂Blitz] Rec/Video Edit/DVDAuthoring

OSO OSO [Basking In The Glow] CD Mastering

BIRDSKULLS [Away Days] CD Mastering

LOUIS BAKER [Open] CD Mastering

NINJOI. [Masayume] CD Mastering
ARCH ECHO [You Won't Believe What Happens Next!] CD Mastering
ED THE DOG [Shame] CD Mastering

FREEKBASS [All The Way This. All The Way That.] CD Mastering

Ange Reve [サマラブ] Blu-ray Authoring

ALCATRAZZ [Live In Japan 2019] 2Days Rec

Goldbrick [Live at Rockmeikai] Rec/Video Edit/Blu-ray&DVD Authoring

RIOT V [Live in Japan 2018] Video Edit/Mix/Blu-ray&DVD Authoring

The Man [Ultimate formatino] Mix/CD Mastering


HALATION [Rainfall] Mix/CD Mastering
Fleshgod Apocalypse [Veleno] Blu-ray Authoring


FELIX MARTIN [Caracas] CD Mastering

KELLY FINNIGAN [The Tales People Tell] CD Mastering
Whitesnake [Flesh & Blood] DVD Authoring
The Man [新宿LOFT] Rec

Claude Fontaine [Claude Fontaine] CD Mastering

Z-FACTOR Feat. JESSE SAUNDERS [Dance Party Album] CD Mastering


HUNTERTONES [Passport] CD Mastering

Loudness [Metal Weekend] Rec/Video Edit/Blu-ray&DVD Authoring

21g [live at Club Asia] オープニング映像制作

21g [live at Club Asia] Rec/Video Edit/Mix/DVD Authoring

LANEOUS [Monstera Deliciosa] CD Mastering

WEE [You Can Fly On My Aeroplane] CD Mastering

ZENIT [Straight Ahead] CD Mastering

Journey [Live In Japan 2017] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring

TOTO [40 Tours Around The Sun] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring

Foreigner [Live at Rainbow 1978] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring

Uli Jon Roth [Live at 中野サンプラザ] Rec

Uli Jon Roth [Live at 名古屋 Diamond Hall] Rec

Uli Jon Roth [Live at 大阪 Big Cat] Rec

Uli Jon Roth [Live at 神田明神ホール] Rec

ましのみ [渋谷ストリームホール] Rec/Video Edit

ましのみ [凸凹] [aka-chan] MV edit

Anthem [All Request Live] Mix/Mastering/Video Edit/DVD Authoring

SPONTANEOUS OVERTHROW [All About Money] CD Mastering

SPACEARK [Spaceark Is] CD Mastering

Paul Cherry [Flavour] CD Mastering

V.A. [Quiet Wave_Sampler] CD Mastering

YASMIN [A Scent Of Flowers] CD Mastering

​BSフジ [伊藤政則のロックTV] Rec/Edit/MA


Works in 2018

Pretty Maids [川崎 Club Citta] Rec

ACCEPT [Live at Wacken 2017] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring
Opeth [Garden Of The Titans] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring
Steven WIlson [六本木ExTheater] Rec

Steven WIlson [Home Invasion] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring

Metal Weekned 4days [Zepp Divercity] Rec/Edit
Micheal Shenker Fest [東京国際フォーラム] Rec

バンドじゃないもん [Zepp Tokyo] Rec

Gargoyle [渋谷O-East] Rec

渡辺美優紀 [Zepp Tokyo] Rec

吉田山田 [上野水上音楽堂] Rec

榊原ゆい [マウントレイニアホール] Rec/Mix

上木彩矢/Sonic Lover Reckless [Live at Club Asia] Rec/Video Edit

21g [Live at Club Asia] Rec/Video Edit/Mix/DVD Authoring
Alter Bridge [Live at the Royal Albert Hall 2017] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring

ALCATRAZZ [Live in Japan 1984] Video Edit/Mix/Blu-ray&DVD Authoring

YES [Live at the Apollo 2017] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring

Tarja [ACT II] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring

SKULL SNAPS [Skull Snaps] CD Mastering


REALITY [Reality] CD Mastering

STEPHEN WHYNOTT [From Philly To Tablas] CD Mastering

LATUL [Latul] CD Mastering

SPACEARK [Spaceark] CD Mastering

THE WOODEN GLASS featuring BILLY WOOTEN [Live]  CD Mastering

BINKBEATS [Private Matter Previously Unavailable] CD Mastering

ERIK TAGG [Rendez Vous] CD Mastering

V.A. [Groove-Diggers~Gives You Light Mellow Searches] CD Mastering

STONE FOUNDATION [Everybody, Anyone] CD Mastering


J.P. BIMENI & THE BLACK BELTS [Free Me] CD Mastering

SCARY POCKETS [Scary Pockets] CD Mastering

THE JAZZINVADERS [Last Summer In Rio] CD Mastering

DERRIC GOBOURNE JR. [Supermacy] CD Mastering

RICHARD SPAVEN [Real Time] CD Mastering

TURKUAZ [Life In The City] CD Mastering

LENNY HAROLD [Cosminc]CD Mastering

DANIEL MARCH [Daniel March] CD Mastering

The Doggett Brothers [Get High] CD Mastering

APHROTEK [Stories] CD Mastering

STONE FOUNDATION [Everybody, Anyone] CD Mastering

HIRO (La'cryma Christi) [Live at 渋谷クアトロ] Rec

HIRO (La'cryma Christi) [Midnight Sun] Rec/Mastering

ましのみ [代官山Unit] Rec

Blood [Ignition] Rec/Mix/CD Mastering
Follow The Cypher [Follow The Cypher] DVD Authoring

映画 [サラエボの叫び] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring

CHUCK SENRICK [Dreamin'] CD Mastering

KAIDI TATHAM [It's A World Before You] CD Mastering
ANDREA SUPERSTEIN [Worlds Apart] CD Mastering

COMPUTER MAGIC [Super Rare] CD Mastering

Sepultura [Live at DUO Music Exchange] Rec/Mix

ブリーフ&トランクス [Live at 赤坂Blitz] Rec/Video Edit/DVD Authoring

Anthem [Live at クラブチッタ川崎] Rec
Code V [Laqua Event] Rec

​大至 [相撲甚句] Rec/Mix/Mastering

THE NOTWIST [Neon Golden] CD Mastering

THE NOTWIST [The Devil You +Me] CD Mastering

Savath & Savalas [Falk Songs For Train...] CD Mastering

TO ROCOCO ROT [The Amateur View] CD Mastering

LUI [Lui] CD Mastering

Blood [Live at Phase] Rec/Mix/Video Edit

玉城ちはる [TAMAKI CHIHARU BEST] CD Mastering
Alvino [日本橋三井ホール] Rec

AngeReve [赤坂Blitz] Rec/Mix/Video Edit/DVD Authoring

AngeReve [あの夏のメロディ] Blu-ray Authoring
ましのみ [ぺっとぼとリテラシー] Video Edit/TV-Spot Edit

いわさききょうこ [道の鼓動] CD Mastering

Loudness [RISE TO GLORY -8118-] DVD Authoring

Anthem [Attitude 2017] Mastering/Blu-ray&DVD Authoring

Delta Deep [East Coast Live] DVD Authoring

Micheal Shenker Fest [Resurrection] DVD Rec/Authoring

Epica [渋谷O-East] Rec/Mix/Video Edit

Rage [渋谷クアトロ] Rec
Thunder [Stage] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring
榊原ゆい [渋谷WWWX] Rec/Video Edit/Mix

木根尚登 [KINE BALLA] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring

Overkill [Live In Oberhauzen] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring

Foreiger [Live In Swiss 2017] DVD Authoring
Anthrax [Kings Among Scotland] DVD Authoring

WASP [Reidorized] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring

RIOT [川崎Club Citta] Rec/Mix/Video Edit

​BSフジ [伊藤政則のロックTV] Rec/Edit/MA


Works in 2017

Slipknot [Day Of The Gusano] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring
Slipknot [Live In Mexico 2015] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring

The Rolling Stones [Live At The Fond Theatre 2015] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring
The Rolling Stones [Tokyo Dome 1990.2.24] DVD Authoring
The Rolling Stones [Ole! Ole! Ole!] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring
ASIA [Symfonia] Mastering/Blu-ray&DVD Authoring

Def Leppard [And There Will Be A Next Time] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring

Overkill [The Grinding Wheel & Live At Thrash Domination 2015]
  Rec/Mix/Mastering/Video Edit/DVD Authoring
Accept [Restless And Live] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring
Kreator [Gods Of Violence] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring
Dimmu Borgir [Forces Of The Northen Night] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring

Sepultra [Machine Messiah] DVD Authoring
Marillion [Marble In The Park] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring
Marillion [A Sunday Night Above The Rain] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring
Marillion [Live From Cadogan Hall] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring
Night Ranger [Don't Let Up] DVD Authoring
Testament [Live Tour 2017] Rec/Video Edit
Cult Of Luna [Live In Paris 2016] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring

Graham Bonnet Band/Alcatrazz [Japan Tour 2017] Rec
Graham Bonnet Band [Frontieres Rock Fes] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring

Cyntia [Urban Night Tour DVD] Rec/Mix/Mastering
Hiro (La'cryma Christi) [Gale] Rec/Mastering

Hiro (La'cryma Christi) [Gale Live] Rec/Mix/Video Edit/
     Mastering/Blu-ray&DVD Authoring
Blood [Blow Beat] Rec/Mix/Mastering

Epica [LIve Tour 2017] Rec//MixVideo Edit
竜馬四重奏 [Live] Rec/Mix/Video Edit
Solstafir [Berdreyminn & Live in Japan 2015]
     Rec/Mix/Video Edit/DVD Authoring
Primal Fear [Angels of Marcey] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring
The Dead Daisies [Live & Louder] DVD Authoring

Ghost Bath [Starmourner] DVD Authoring
Eagles Of Death Metal [Live At The Olympia Paris 2016] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring
Blood [Starlit Sky] Rec/Mix/Mastering
Pretty Maids [Live at 渋谷クアトロ] Rec/Mix/Video Edit
Tokyo Disney Land [Ambassador Hotel Wedding] Arrange/Rec
マジカルパンチライン [Live at ReNY] Rec/Mix/Video Edit
Koji & Hiro(ラクリマクリスティ) [Joint Live] Rec/Mix/Video Edit/

       Matering/Blu-ray&DVD Authoring

ラクリマクリスティ [15th Anniversary Live at AX] CD Mastering
ラクリマクリスティ [15th Anniversary Live at BLITZ] CD Mastering
Blood [Glowing Will] Rec/Mix/Mastering
Motley Crue [30 Years of Girls, Girls, Girls] DVD Authoring
Josh Todd & The Conflict [Year Of The Tiger] DVD Authoring

Sixx:A.M. [Heroin Diaries] DVD Authoring

The Dead Daisies [Live at 渋谷クアトロ] Rec/Mix/Video Edit
Lords Of Black [Live at 渋谷クアトロ] Rec/Mix/Video Edit

Kreator [Live at リキッドルーム] Rec/Mix/Video Edit

Vader [Live at リキッドルーム] Rec/Mix/Video Edit

Accept [Live at 中野サンプラザ] Rec/Mix/Video Edit

Battle Beast [Live at 赤坂Blitz] Rec/Mix/Video Edit

Night Ranger [Live at Tokyo Dome City Hall] Rec/Mix/Video Edit

Marillion [Live at Club Citta] Rec/Mix/Video Edit

Ange Reve [Live at 赤坂Blitz] Rec/Mix/Video Edit

Ange Reve [星空プラネタリウム] DVD Authoring

Almanac [King Slayer] DVD Authoring

Delain [Live At Paradiso] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring

Hammerfall [Glory To The Brave] DVD Authoring

Blood [GIGS 7.14] Rec/Mix/Mastering/Video Edit/DVD Authoring

Robert Plant [David Lynch Fes] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring

Machine Head [Catharsis] DVD Authoring

​BSフジ [伊藤政則のロックTV] Rec/Edit/MA


Works in 2016

The Rolling Stones [Totally Stripped] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring
The Rolling Stones [Havana Moon] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring
The Rolling Stones [Ole! Ole! Ole!] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring
Queen [Live In Japan Summersonic 2014]  VideoEdit/Blu-ray&DVD Authoring
Kiss [Rocks Vegas 2015] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring

Alan Persons Project [Live In Colombia 2013]  Blu-ray&DVD Authoring

Deep Purple [Calfornia Jam] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring
Deep Purple [Live At Copenhagen '72] Mastering/DVD Authoring
Deep Purple [Live At Stockholm '70] Mastering/DVD Authoring
Deep Purple [Live In Paris '75] CD Mastering
Deep Purple [Live At Longbeach Arena '76] CD Mastering

Rainbow [Monsters Of Rock 1980] Video Edti/DVD Authoring

Rainbow [Monsters Of Rock 2016] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring
Scorpions [Live In Munch 2012] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring
Journey [Live In Manila 2009] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring
Uli Jon Roth [Tokyo Tapes Revisited 2015]
     Rec/Mastering/Video Edit/Blu-ray&DVD Authoring
Santana IV [Live At the House Of Blues] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring
Sodom [Dicision Day+Thrash Domination '15]
     Rec/Mix/Mastering/Video Edit/DVD Authoring
Motley Crue [The End 2015] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring
Night Ranger [Live In Chicago 2016] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring
The Brecker Brothers [The Heavy Metal Bebop Tour 2014] Rec/Mix/Mastering
In Flames [Live In Sweden] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring
Blues Pills [Lady In Gold] Mastering/DVD Authoring
Almanac [Tsar] DVD Authoring
Doro [Stong And Proud] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring
Powerwolf [The Metalmass Live] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring
Sabaton [Heros On Tour] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring

Pete Townshends [Face The Face] DVD Authoring
Glen Hughes [Resonate] DVD Authoring

Hammerfall [Build To Last] DVD Authoring
松田樹利亜 [J's BAR Stage] Rec/Mix/Mastering/DVD Authoring

松田樹利亜 [Gramorous Box] Rec/Mix/Mastering/DVD Authoring
井上ともやす [アジアの瞳]  CD Mastering
Blood [Destiny] Rec/Mix/Mastering
Blood [S Flavor] Rec/Mix/Mastering
Cyntia [Night & Day] Rec/Mix/Mastering
ブリーフ & トランクス [Live] Rec/Video Edit/DVD Authoring
Uroboros [Live at O-EAST] Rec/Video Edit
竜馬四重奏 [Live] Rec/Mix/Video Edit
Halation [BLOOM] Mix/Mastering

シオダマサユキ [Sweet and Mellow] Rec/Mix

​BSフジ [伊藤政則のロックTV] Rec/Edit/MA



Works in 2015

YES [危機 再現ライブ] Mastering/Blu-ray&DVD Authoring
YES [こわれもの 再現ライブ] Mastering/Blu-ray&DVD Authoring
YES [究極 再現ライブ] Mastering/Blu-ray&DVD Authoring
YES [サードアルバム 再現ライブ] Mastering/Blu-ray&DVD Authoring
ASIA [Live In SanFrancisco] Mastering/Blu-ray&DVD Authoring
Paul MaCertney [Musicares] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring
Slash [Live At The Roxy] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring
Hall And Otes [Live At Dublin] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring
Terry Bozzio [Composer Series]
      Rec/Mix/Mastering/Video Edit/Blu-ray&DVD Authoring
Richie Blackmore [Story] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring
Rainbow [Live In Japan 1985] Mastering/DVD Authoring
The Rolling Stones [Live In Leeds 1982] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring
The Rolling Stones [The Marquee Club 1971] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring
The Rolling Stones [Tokyo Dome 1990.2.26] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring
Lynyrd Skynyrd [Live in Atlanta 2014] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring
Scorpions [Forever And A Day] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring
Taste [What's Goin' On] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring
The Jam [About The Young Idea] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring
The Jam [Rock Pallast] DVD Authoring
Avatarium [The Girl With The Raven Mask] Mastering/DVD Authoring
Anathema [A Sort Of Home Coming] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring
Black Stone Cherry [Thank You Living Live] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring
Metal Allegiance [Metal Allegiance] Mastering/DVD Authoring
ELO [Live In Hydepark] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring
Death Angel [The Evil Divide] Mastering/DVD Authoring
Black Veil Blades [Alive And Burning] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring
Sunflower Jam [Sunflower Jam] Mastering/Blu-ray&DVD Authoring
Whitesnake [The Purple Album] Mastering/DVD Authoring
小澤征爾 [Marsalis On Music] DVD Authoring
Steve Vai [Stillness In Motion] DVD Authoring
Piano Guys [Music Video Collection] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring
Sabaton [Primo Victoria] CD Mastering
Sabaton [Attero Dominatus] CD Mastering
Sabaton [Metalizer] CD Mastering
Sabaton [The Art of War] CD Mastering
Sabaton [Coat of Arms] CD Mastering
Sabaton [Carolus Rex] CD Mastering
Sabaton [Sabaton Cruse] CD Mastering
映画 [Discoverdale] Blu-ray&DVD Authoring
Blood [Halation] Rec/Mix/Mastering
Blood [Thank You] Rec/Mix/Mastering/Video Edit/DVD Authoring
松田樹利亜 [J~BORN~]
       Rec/Mix/Mastering/Video Edit/DVD Authoring
Cyntia [Pretty Woman Live Tour] Mix/Mastering
猫 [猫6] CD Mastering
いわさききょうこ [歌は眠らないII] CD Mastering

​BSフジ [伊藤政則のロックTV] Rec/Edit/MA


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